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These 20 song where recently played on Main

The Hit Crew - Monster walks
Bobby Boris Pickett And The Crypt-kicker - Monst...
The Tubes - Attack of the fifty foot woman
Bernard Herrmann - Prelude from psycho
Captain Clegg And The Night Creatures - Transylv...
Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos - Hearse with a curse
Richard O'brien - The time warp
Blast - Poor skeleton steps out
The Castle Kings - You can get him frankenstein
The Searchers - Love potion no. 9
Mike Sarne - Dracula's castle
Alice Cooper - Feed my frankenstein
Acdc - Highway to hell
77xe - Bedtime story
Mr Ray - Do you believe in monsters
Collide - The lunatics have taken over the asylu...
Bette Midler - I put a spell on you (hocus pocus...
Spike Jones - Spooky, spooky, lend me your tomb
Lauren Scheff - Three evil ghouls
Philosophy Slap - Ghost i'm dead
Bruce Moore, Louie And Joy Suarez - Creepy creat...

These 20 song where recently played on Oldies

Don Redman And His Orchestra - Got the jitters
Todd Rollins And His Orchestra - The boogie man
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Alligator wine
Fats Waller And His Rhythm - Dry bones
Ron Barrett - Spooky movies
The Exotics - Guitarantula
Billy Demarco - Drack's back
The Contrails - Mummy walk (walking death)
Truett And George - Ghost dance
The Phantoms - Phantom guitar
Billy Lee Riley - Nightmare mash
John Zacherley - Happy halloween
Frank De Vol - House on haunted hill
Bobby Boris Pickett And The Crypt-kicker - Trans...
Lee Morse And Her Bluegrass Boys - Tain't no sin...
Roy Orbison - Devil doll
Howlin' Wolf - Evil (is going on)
Gary Paxton - Spookie movies
The Rocking Ghosts - Ghost walk
Ray Noble And His Orchestra - The haunted house
Nervous Norvus - The fang

These 20 song where recently played on Kids

Halloween Party Kings - Purple people eater
Kids Halloween Party Band - Title theme from cor...
Kids Halloween Party Band 3 - Dare you enter (ha...
Disney - It's halloween-lo-ween
Halloween Kids 3 - Horrorble
Halloween Kids 1 - Hail of the mountain king
Countdown Kids 4 - The addams family (main theme...
Matthew Sweet - Scooby doo where are you
Pooh's Halloween Songs - Which witch is which
Kids Halloween Party Band 2 - Beetlejuice (from ...
In A World - Spider's web
The Ultimate Halloween - Count duckula
Countdown Kids - They're coming to take me away,...
Hairy & Scary Creatures - Theme from spider-man ...
Tigger - I wanna scare myself
Various Artists - is somebody there
Halloween Kids - Bump in the night
Kidz Bop Kids - This is halloween
Kidzone - Somebody's watching me
Music For Little People Choir - Jack-o-lantern
Kids Halloween Party Band - The monster mash

These 20 song where recently played on Movies

Joe Renzetti - Chucky goes to the hospital (chil...
Danny Elfman - Funeral march for a marionette (h...
Krzysztof Pendrecki - Polymorphia (the exorcist)
Michael Giacchino - Main title (lost)
Jay Ferguson - Family plot (a nightmare on elm s...
Ennio Morricone - Contamination (the thing)
Joel Mcneely - The swamp (psycho)
Hans Zimmer - The capponi library (hannibal)
Byeongwoo Lee - Dawn, hard rain and a bloody fig...
Beethoven - Suicide scherzo (ninth symphony, sec...
Lyndhurst Orchestra - Gourmet valse tartare (han...
John Frizzell - Who's in the closet (i still kno...
Mark Snow - Trust no one (the x-files - fight th...
Craig Armstrong - The city awakes (the bone coll...
John Murphy - In the house - in a heartbeat (28 ...
Craig Safan - Rick's kung fu death (a nightmare ...
Joseph Bishara - The missing (dark skies)
Carter Burwell - Red snow (blairwitch 2)
Henry Purcell - Title music from a clockwork ora...
David Williams - End credits (wishmaster 2 - evi...
Randy Edelman - The totem's sacred ground (anaco...

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