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These 20 song where recently played on Main

The Mann Sisters - Halloween night
The Misfits - Halloween
Alice Cooper - Feed my frankenstein
Oingo Boingo - Dead or alive
Victor Mizzy And His Orchestra And Chorus - The ...
Big Bopper - The purple people eater meets the w...
Frankie And The Newports - Monster mash
Grave Tone Productions - Graveyard waltz
Andrew Gold - It must be halloween
The White Stripes - Little ghost
Mr. Lobo & Apocalypso Now - Halloween candy
Kristen Lawrence - A broom with a view
Nellie Mckay - Zombie
Spencer Chandler's - Haunted house
Tom Petty - Zombie zoo
Barenaked Ladies - Grim grinning ghosts
Banda Comparza Luna - Bailamos toda la noche
The Creatures - Mostly ghostly
Lord Sutch - Black and hairy
Musica Paridiso - Harry potter
Donovan - Season of the witch

These 20 song where recently played on Oldies

Gene Moss - I want to bite your hand
Salty Holmes - The ghost song
Screaming Lord Sutch - Black and hairy
Louis Armstrong. Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra ...
José Basso - Inspiración
Cab Calloway - The ghost of smokey joe
Guest Villians - Forbidden feelings
Al Casey - Thunder cloud
Albert Desalvo - Strangler in the night
Kenny And The Fiends - House on haunted hill
Round Robin - I'm the wolf man
The Bootmen - Black widow
The Bollock Brothers - Horror movies
Tony's Monstrosities - Igor's party
Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra - Dry bones (head...
Pete Drake - The spook
Horror Charly - Horror horror dance, pt. 2
The Poets - Dead
Bobby "boris" Pickett & The Crypt-kickers - Mons...
The Phantom Band - Phantom freight
Skinnay Ennis And His Orchestra - Strange enchan...

These 20 song where recently played on Kids

Hallowen Allstars - Ding dong the witch is dead ...
Kidz Bop Kids - Spooky sounds
The Hit Crew - Is somebody there?
Music For Little People Choir - Jack-o-lantern
Marco Marinangeli - Shake your bones
Thematic Pianos - Beetlejuice theme (from 'beetl...
Hans-christoph Becker-foss - Bach: toccata & fug...
L'orchestra Cinematique - Bad things (main theme...
Matthew Sweet - Scooby doo, where are you?
Nanni Svampa - Ma mì
Harajuku Nation - The simpsons (halloween specia...
Amc Orchestra - Addams family theme
Flies On The Square Egg - This is halloween
The Shoes - Time warp
The Countdown Kids - A nightmare on my street
Kidzone - Mr. pumpkinhead
Nostromo Pilot - This is halloween - theme from ...
Goofy - Which witch is which?
Haunted House - Welcome to my house
The Hit Crew - Spiderman theme
Halloween Allstars - Danse macabre

These 20 song where recently played on Movies

Henry Manfredini - The window / tommy at door/ e...
Ilan Eshkeri - Laboratory (hannibal rising)
Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel - Machete on boat
??? - ??? ??, ??? ???
Charles Bernstein - Lurking
Carter Burwell - Hanging
Chris Bacon - The end of a horrible day
The X-files - Trust no one
Randy Edelman - Watching and waiting
Jay Ferguson - Family plot
James Newton Howard - The forbidden line
Alan Silvestri - Dem bones
Craig Safan - Rick's kung fu death
Christopher Franke - Town in terror (the tommykn...
John Murphy - The search for jim
Joe Renzetti - Chucky goes to pieces / chuck in ...
Zoltan Olah, Peter Olah, Gyorgy Jeszenszky - It'...
Harry Manfredini - Jason lives the rescue final...
Leonard Slatkin: National Philharmonic Orchestra...
Joseph Bishara - The missing
Kdr-society - Pimp roll

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