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These 20 song where recently played on Main

Cliff Richard - Devil woman
Don Hinson And The Rigamorticians - That little ...
Disney's Haunted Mansion - Otherworldly music
Kidzone - Halloween is coming
Bobby Boris Pickett - Monster concert
Mc Hammer - Addams groove
Tito And Tarantula - After dark
Elvira - Haunted house
Warren Zevon - Werewolves of london
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - Halloween night
Griz Green - Jam at the mortuary
The All-american Rejects - Jack's lament
Hit Crew - Who let the ghosts out
Tom Waits - Whistling past the graveyard
Bert Convy - The monster hop
Morgus & The Ghouls - Morgus the magnificent
Marc Gunn - A rabbit for halloween
Mark Ronson, Passion Pit And Asap Ferg - Get gho...
Kevin Martin - Halloween clock
Ghoulio - And i smelled her rotting there
The B-52's - Rock lobster

These 20 song where recently played on Oldies

Johnny Kidd And The Pirates - Shakin' all over
Carmen Cavallaro - (enlloro) voodoo moon
The Executioners - The guillotine
Louis Jordan - Up jumped the devil in a white ni...
Spike Jones - Spooktacular finale
The Splinters - King of the bun-ga-loos
The Satan's - Surf rat
The Cadillacs - The boogie man
Los Sleepers - Zombie
The Crystals - Vampire
The Ventures - Exploration in terror
Duke Ellington - Haunted nights
Movie Trailer - The thing that couldn't die
The Pastel Six - The strange ghost
The Wonderland Singers - Ghoul days, ghoul days
The Madmen - Haunted
The Bollock Brothers - Horror movies
Count Baltes & The Egors - Opening the coffin
Rod Willis - The cat
Louis Prima - Mr ghost goes to town
The Five Blobs - The blob

These 20 song where recently played on Kids

The Hit Crew - Thriller
The Countdown Kids - Love potion no. 9
Music For Little People Choir - Jack-o-lantern
Disney - Halloween-halloween
L'orchestra Numerique - Davy jones (from 'pirate...
Kidz Bop Kids - Scooby doo, where are you?
Nostromo Pilot - This is halloween - theme from ...
Harajuku Nation - The simpsons (halloween specia...
The Dark - Purple people eater
Hallowen Allstars - The corpse bride title theme...
Various Artists - Tick tock, tick tock (hallowee...
The Bambinis - Hokey pokey
Hairy & Scary Creatures - Ding! dong! the witch ...
In A World - Trick or treat
Haunted House - Circus raucous
Anime Kei - Plants vs zombies (instrumental mix)
Goofy - Monster mash
Opus 1 - Conan doyle
The Shoes - Rentaghost
The Hit Crew - Spiderman theme
The Countdown Kids - They're coming to take me a...

These 20 song where recently played on Movies

Charles Bernstein - Rod hanged / night stalking
John Debney - Witch attack
Philip Glass - Castle
Alex Heffes - The final exorcism
Joseph Bishara - The devil preys
The X-files - Trust no one
Joel Mcneely - Cabin 10, pt. 2
Ennio Morricone - Humanity (part i)
Christopher Young - Exorcism and recession
Christoph Young - Sports attack
Hans Zimmer - The burning heart
James Newton Howard - The shed not to be used
John Williams - Daryl arrives
Krzysztof Pendrecki - Polymorphia (the exorcist)
Danny Elfman - Casting a spell
John Murphy - The end
Alan Silvestri - Predator 2 suite
Graeme Revell - The house on elm street
Charlie Clouser - Losing
Randy Edelman - Down river
Harry Manfredini - Coffins and maggots and worms...

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