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These 20 song where recently played on Main

Peter Tosh - Vampire
Bollock Brothers - Horror movies
Mikenstein And Wolffman - Frankensteiner polka
Archie Bleyer - Rockin' ghost
Bernard Herrmann - Shower scene (psycho)
Addams Family - One, little two, little three li...
Disney's Haunted Mansion - Otherworldly music
Horrorpops - Walk like a zombie
The Ramones - Pet sematary
Danny Downing - Halloween is here
Rob Zombie - Halloween (she's so mean)
Bob Mcfadden And Dor - I dig you baby
Mr. Lobo & Apocalypso Now - Halloween candy
These Curious Thoughts - Brain in a jar
Halloween Party Album Singers - Monster (what's ...
Tim Curry - Anything can happen on halloween
Count Crow - You won't survive
Maury Laws & Jules Bass - Mad monster party
Louis Jordan - Jack, you're dead
Big Daddy Graham - Caterers from beyond the grav...
Johnny Cash - Ghost riders in the sky

These 20 song where recently played on Oldies

Gary Paxton - Spookie movies
Spike Jones - Spooktacular finale
Skinnay Ennis And His Orchestra - Strange enchan...
The Connoisseurs - Count macabre
Merv Griffin - House of horrors
The Revels - Dead man's stroll
Dinah Washington - Mean and evil blues
Harold Andrews & The Exciters - Foggy
George Barnes - Spooky
Terry Teene - Curse of the hearse
Chaino - Voodoo
Cab Calloway And His Orchestra - The ghost of sm...
Chance Halladay - Deep sleep
Jimmy Dee - The monster hop
Lord Dent - Wolf call
Gene Moss - Little black bag
Bobby Boris Pickett And The Crypt-kickers - Sini...
Los Holys - Campo de vampiros
Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra - Shivery st...
The Splinters - King of the bun-ga-loos
Salty Holmes - The ghost song

These 20 song where recently played on Kids

Music For Little People Choir - There was an old...
Kidz Bop Kids - I want candy
Pooh's Halloween Songs - Which witch is which
Countdown Kids 3 - Ghostbusters
Kids Halloween Party Band - Sabrina the teenage ...
In A World - Trick or treat
Kiddle Karoo - Monstas 'n da hauze
Halloween Allstars - Welcome to my house
Kids Halloween Party Band 1 - Are you afraid of ...
Countdown Kids - Men in black
Goofy - Monster mash
Halloween Kids - Power puff girls end title
Hairy & Scary Creatures - Rock lobster
Disney - It's halloween-lo-ween
Kidzone - Witches
Countdown Kids 2 - Boogie nights
Various Artists - toccata
Kidz Bop Kids - Spooky sounds
Countdown Kids 1 - A nightmare on my street
Music For Little People Choir - Jack-o-lantern
Pooh's Halloween Songs - The werewolf song

These 20 song where recently played on Movies

Rolfe Kent - Main theme (dexter)
Stephen Sondheim - Opening title (sweeny todd, t...
Michael Giacchino - Main title (lost)
Jerry Goldsmith - Hello mother (psycho ii)
David Newman - The critters are destroyed (critt...
Daniel Licht & Daniel Licht - The axe - perfect ...
Marc Shaiman - It's an addams (addams family val...
Mark Snow - Therondy in 'x' (the x-files - fight...
Joseph Bishara - Doll disposal (annabelle)
Marius Constant - End title (twilight zone)
Chris Bacon - Norman discovers jiao (bates motel...
Carl Thiel - Escape from voz tech (machete kills...
Joe Renzetti - Chucky goes to pieces chuck in a...
Charlie Clouser - Main title (resident evil exti...
Craig Safan - Kirsten's haunted dream (a nightma...
Danny Elfman - Sacrifices (hitchcock)
Joel Mcneely - Cabin 1 (psycho)
Jay Ferguson - Stuffed - choked (a nightmare on ...
Christopher Franke - Knocking at your door (the ...
Carter Burwell - Shadow dance (blairwitch 2)
David Williams - Morgana shot (wishmaster 2 - ev...

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