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These 20 song where recently played on Main

These 20 song where recently played on Oldies

Don Sargent And The Buddies - Voodoo kiss
The Gruesomes - Dementia 13
Todd Rollins - Boogie man
Art Roberts - Terrible ivan
Ed Burkey - Night rider
The Phantom Band - Phantom freight
Cousin Al - Zombie twist
Charles Sheffield - It's your voodoo working
Rex Garvin - Strange happenings
The Del-rays - Jungle beat
Eddie Thomas - Frankenstein rock
Various Artists - Bewitched
The Wailers - High wall
The Diamonds - Batman, wolfman, frankenstein or ...
Movie Trailer - The thing that couldn't die
The Run-a-ways - Night creature
The Spooks - The spook walks
The Howlers - Rayon mortel
The Exotics - Guitarantula
The Wonderland Singers - Have a happy halloween
Ralph Nielsen|the Chancellors - Scream

These 20 song where recently played on Kids

Halloween Party Band - Spooky spirits and ghostl...
Disney - Halloween-halloween
Kidzone - Spooky!
Hallowen Allstars - Ding dong the witch is dead ...
Easter Kidstime Party Band - The hex girls (chil...
Amc Orchestra - Addams family theme
The Shoes - The omen theme tune
Tigger - I wanna scare myself
The Hit Crew - Bump in the night
Nanni Svampa - Ma mì
The Countdown Kids - Men in black
Marco Marinangeli - Shake your bones
Orchestra Romantic - Bella's lullaby
Haunted House - Welcome to my house
The Bambinis - The time warp
In A World - Bats in the belfry
The Dark - Purple people eater
Various Artists - Ufo? (halloween soundscape)
Hairy & Scary Creatures - Rock lobster
Sfo - Theme from the twilight zone
Flies On The Square Egg - This is halloween

These 20 song where recently played on Movies

Ennio Morricone - Grace
Brian May - Freddy into reality
Krzysztof Pendrecki - Polymorphia (the exorcist)
James Newton Howard - The forbidden line
Ingram Marshall - Prelude - the bay
John Frizzell - Nightclub (i still know what you...
Chris Bacon - Norman discovers jiao
Leonard Slatkin: National Philharmonic Orchestra...
Charlie Clouser - Convoy
Christopher Young - Exorcism and recession
Marc Shaiman - It's an addams!
David Newman - The critters are destroyed
Randy Edelman - The totem's sacred ground
Mark Governor - Main titles (pet sematary 2)
Craig Armstrong - Prelude
The X-files - Plague
Joseph Bishara - Annabelle opening
Angelo Badalamenti - Taryn's deepst fear
James Horner - "dying" to be a ghost
Jay Ferguson - Bewitched, bothered, and bewilder...
J. Peter Robinson - The park

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