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Unless you are a zombie looking to join our grandiose army of devouring flesh (in which case we first like some proof, like a death certificate or a finger... ), there is simply one way to contact yours scariness truly, by using our daunting online form for the living. Whoehahaaaa...
We get a lot of e-mails & messages, so please be patient, thank you for your understanding. We can't always reply to mail during the off season - 15th November / 15th August.

If you are an artist, singer, band, song writer, ... and you have some really scary original material: why not send your Halloween songs to us? If we like it, we,re be happy to give it a bite, euh, and some airplay. Also, if you are a warm-blooded producer or music promoter, [scary voice on] find your way to our player, please. [scary voice off]

You can send it by e-mail, Wetransfer, Dropbox (we prefer this option), OneDrive, ... to

Please keep in mind the minimum requirements for the audio files:
* file type: prefer .wav (stereo -16 bit - 44.1 kHz)
* file name: artist - title (so we know what we play)

To prevent little leechers from downloading your music, we refrain from 'hosting' your music anywhere, we only 'stream' it (not to be confused with sarcophagy as no tissue is consumed).


Do you feel that chill in the air? It's the October wind, waiting to whisk you away to a world of scares and spookiness! Here at Halloween Radio, we just can't get enough of that hair-raising feeling, so we broadcast a selection of our favorite spooky songs 24/7!

Whether you want to create the perfect spooky atmosphere for your Halloween party, or just can't wait for the big day to get into the Halloween spirit, stop by anytime and treat your ears to some creepy classics. From the Monster Mash to Thriller, there are plenty of tracks to get those skeletons in the closet up and dancing about all day long.

On this station, October 31st isn't the only time when ghouls and ghosts get to come out to play. We broadcast all year round, so even when November rolls around, you can relive all the tricks and treats of the night before to your heart's content. We play every kind of music, so long as it has a terrifying twist, so what are you waiting for- hit play, and get ready to have your socks scared off! news

Android & iOS apps

iPhone (iOS) & Android phone / tablet users, attention! We have some fantastic news for you! has a new Android & iPhone (iOS) app! Listen to on the flow wherever you go. The only requirement is that you have mobile or wifi reception in your tomb. Moehahahaha! news

New website

Hello spooks, vampires, were-wolfs, zombies and dearest friends! Did you notice? There is something haunting about the moon ... it's full!! Whoehahahaha!

Seems to me you're just plain scared? Then get ready to be horrified. This year our vampire IT-team have took eye of newt, and toe of frog, wool of bat and adder's fork to create a monster. Is it alive? news

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Please help us keep the bonfires burning bright all night. Help us haunt you and make you scream!

Support us with an evil treat so we don't need to trick, whoehahahaahaaaaaa.

We want to thank all the donators who have made a donation in the past!

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Our Pumpkin Face Shop

If you want a unique t-shirt. Browse through our Spreadshirts shop. We have a large variety of different pumpkin face shirts for men, women & kids.

Order them now so you can impress your family and friends with it during the fall Halloween season.

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Select one of the three haunted Halloween music channels, Main, Oldies of Kids. Or dive into the pool of eerie sounds at Halloween radio Atmosphere.
Halloween radio Main channel

Halloween Radio

  now on air  
The Bobby Fuller Four - Wolfman

Halloween themed music, scary tunes or songs with a ghostly touch. Celebrate Halloween all year round with easily digestible worms Halloween pop, rock & ambient music.

playlist & info

Halloween radio Atmosphere channel

Halloween Radio

  now on air  
Haunted horror atmosphere sounds

Unmasking the underworld of creepy sounds and unsettling noise, the ominous poltergeists in our dungeons bring you Halloween radio Atmosphere.

playlist & info

Halloween radio Oldies channel

Halloween Radio

  now on air  
Bobby Boris Pickett - Monster's Holiday

A decaying fest of creaking old bone rattling songs from the past, in true spirit of the boogie-man. Take out you pumpkins and give them a legacy carving, while listening to demons of times past.

playlist & info

Halloween radio Kids channel

Halloween Radio

  now on air  
Scary Nursery Rhymes For Toddlers - Happy Halloween song

We bring you Halloween radio for kids, a special edition of Halloweenradio, made with kids in mind. We've collected songs and music that are advertised 'child friendly' and should be safe for fun-filled family afternoon.

playlist & info