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From the shadowy ruins of the internet, we made you scream ten years in a row. Ten years of knee knocking scary radio, Ten years of screaming haunting radio, Ten years Halloweenradio.net!

Celebrate with us the darkest day of the year in panic fear for spirits and spooks.
Hello spooks, vampires, were-wolfs, zombies and dearest friends! Did you notice? There is something haunting about the moon ... it's full!! Whoehahahaha!

Seems to me you're just plain scared? Then get ready to be horrified. This year our vampire IT-team have took eye of newt, and toe of frog, wool of bat and adder's fork to create a monster. Is it alive?
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Please help us keep the bonfires burning bright all night. Help us haunt you and make you scream!

Support us with an evil treat so we don't need to trick, whoehahahaahaaaaaa.

We want to thank all the donators who have made a donation in the past!

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  Michael Jackson - Is it scary
Mr Fab - Cannibal zombie mom
Doctor Caligari - She likes it spooky
The Count - The batty bat
The Skyhooks - Horror movie
Mia Farrow - Rosemary's baby (main title)
Frank Sinatra - Witchcraft
Lalo Schifrin - The amityville horror (main title)
Susan Sarandon - Over at the frankenstein place
Butch Patrick - It's only halloween
Emporio Ensemble - The fly (theme)
Vanilla Ice - Born on halloween
Saliva - Rest in pieces
Frank Sinatra - Witchcraft
Danny Elfman - That's the story (little demons)
Collide - The lunatics have taken over the asylum
Bobby Boris Pickett And The Crypt-kicker - Monster motion
Elvira - Here comes the bride (the bride of frankenstein)
Martinibomb And The Coconut Monkeyrocket - Munster beat
Cotton Club - Halloween funk
Michael Jackson - Thriller